A Master salesman likes people

First of all, I like to talk to people, I’m interested in people,  I like people, I’m curious, I always ask what they do for a living or where they come from, if they are happy etc. etc. Just the simple things in life. In sales it is always first see to know each-other, like each-other, have a nice conversation, laughing with them and by the way: Oh yeah, I’m active in capital raise and financial structuring.

In this natural way, people will ask you for information or help them with your service. Because they like you, mostly when people like you, the will trust you also. Trust is everything in these days. With Tummax we get every week 20-30 companies who are looking for a capital raise. We have to say “NO” a lot. Because we raise capital for companies and then sell the investment to our investor network. When we have bad investments, the next time they don’t want to see you anymore. So we have to sell two times, first to get the best clients for a capital raise, then sell the investment to the investors.

A master sells high quality

I only want to sell high quality companies, otherwise I can not sell it, I have to believe in it. Every investor knows that every investment is a risk. But when you have a good company, the best team, sales and a lot of progress, we can arrange it. Cashflow companies are the best companies to raise capital for, because investors, see their money back. With the investment, the cashflow will go up!

Be nice to everybody

I’m always nice to everybody. Not in a slimy way, just nice. You can not serve everybody. But when you tell it the people in a nice way, and give them some free advice.They will talk about you in a positive way. So at the end you win new customers and that’s what’s all about, getting new customers, keeping new customers!

Capital raise

So do you need a financial structure or a capital raise? You can always mail me, skype me or call me, don’t be afraid, I’m a nice guy!


skype: egbert.hennen


+5999 5211 706


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