Always Be Closing

20150719_200249Tonight we where at the barbecue restaurant on the beach. We had some fun and met new people. While we where chatting about all things, the guy was interested in what I do, he asked me. I knew he sold his company and was complaining about bad investments. We talked about all kind of investments and I told him I will send him some interesting investments. I just mailed him and he mailed me back, can we talk tomorrow, yes of course!

Is this hard work?

Was this difficult?

This is just fun!

That’s the most important in life, like what you do and it is now work but fun!

In the meanwhile, you have to think about all the things you have for sale, you will see that you make your best sales in a relaxing way, like a diner in a restaurant.

So Salespeople, remember! You can always sell, Always!





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