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Communication, communication, communication!

Communication, communication, communication! The communication tools of 2015: 1. cellphone 2. phone 3. whatsapp 4. e-mail 5. skype 6. linkedin 7. facebook 8. twitter 9. googleplus 10. instagram Just 10 off the most popular communication tools! What is communication? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communication Rules for the best communication: 1. missed call? Call back ASAP 2. use voicemail, when […]

Sales, a must be for every business

You can start a business, but the first thing you have to do is get a proof of concept of your company. The word: SALES Sales, whole my life I’ve been in sales, for me it is normal, because, no sales, no business. You can have a beautiful website, nice product or a good service, […]

Brand your business, sell for higher price

Brand your name, brand your business, brand your product or services A lot of sales people are thinking people are surfing on the internet for the lowest prices! NOT! Mercedes wouldn’t sell any car anymore! Gucci wouldn’t sell any clothes anymore Ray-ban wouldn’t sell any glasses anymore Rolex wouldn’t sell any watches anymore! and you […]

Become Master in Sales now on Curacao!

Fly now to Curacao to become a Master in Sales. Egbert Hennen Master in Sales, will train you personally to become a master in sales. Sell more then everybody else! Make more money in 1 week! Learn to sell more and close!  I will make you a master in sales! Whatever you sell A product […]

Does sales make you happy?

Important question for yourself, does sales make you happy? When the answer is no, you can’t start a business for yourself, because you always have to sell your business. Don’t think that customers immediately buy from you. Of course you will have easy way clients! But you have to learn from the no clients. When […]

Don’t think, just do it!

I did it all my life, never think to much, but just do it.  By example you have seen a new villa, but you think the next things: 1. can I afford it? 2. but when my company is not running well, or when I sell less? 3. what will happen, if I can’t pay […]