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Need more sales? Higher your standards!

Satisfied people you know them, they know everything so good, they never take risks, they work all their live at one company, the owner get rich, he gets a pension of 500 dollar. They’re always talking about entrepreneurs who failed, but they never look at the success stories, because that’s to painful! Oh you’re so satisfied […]

Selling by story telling

Everybody has the memories of his mother or father, who tells them a story before you went to bed. You believed them! That’s what you can use in your sales. You must understand it of course how to tell the best story to your client. By example when you have had an easy client, who […]

Always Be Closing

Tonight we where at the barbecue restaurant on the beach. We had some fun and met new people. While we where chatting about all things, the guy was interested in what I do, he asked me. I knew he sold his company and was complaining about bad investments. We talked about all kind of investments […]

Become Master in Sales in 1 day!

What is a Master in Sales? I AM a master in sales! I will explain how you will become a master in sales. I know everything about sales. It doesn’t matter what kind of sales, you can ask me I can tell you how to sell it. I have good news for everybody who want […]

What about sales?! Most important!

I post here some parts of my book “Master in Sales “ About the Master himself Hi! I’m happy you’re reading my book! Because you know that’s time for you to become a better sales person, or even become a Master in Sales. I’m now 52 years old and I have been in sales from […]