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A Master salesman likes people

First of all, I like to talk to people, I’m interested in people,  I like people, I’m curious, I always ask what they do for a living or where they come from, if they are happy etc. etc. Just the simple things in life. In sales it is always first see to know each-other, like […]

How do you recognize a bad salesman

A bad salesman, there are many many bad salespeople. How is that possible? You can say there are also bad doctors, but they have been to University, so they had a long way of education to become a doctor. And that’s the main difference between a bad salesman and a bad doctor. A lot of […]

Salesmen have to set goals to score, every day!

Master sells always  It start with the attitude and motivation of the master. Why does a master always sells? He knows exactly what motivates him, he prefers working with high commissions or is on his own, so he can go for his goals. That’s what’s important for the master, he likes beautiful cars, villas, holidays, […]

My experience with a bad salesman in kitchens

A master in sales is always laughing and positive, every moment! When you’re a salesman by example in a kitchen store and a two customers, a man and a wife, visit you in the store. What does a stupid salesman(title not worth) think? Oh, nice they want to look at some kitchens, I will give […]

Top 5 of the new salesman

I couldn’t imagine 20 years ago, that I would not visiting customers anymore! But nowadays it is just normal. We contact people by internet, we use our website or socialmedia for the leads and when things get serious we make a call or skype. I prefer skype, because the client can see me. It gives […]

Start your own business! for free!

https://blueoceanmen.leadpages.net/how-to-start-a-business/ Start Your Own Business! I have published my book ‘How to start your own business!’ a couple of years ago. It’s a great book and allows readers to get practical insights based on my real life experience. I’ve build a number of businesses from the ground up. Some of these businesses did great and I […]

How to get the WOW! sales factor

Hustle and grow first on your own before you try to get an investor in. It will be easy! http://elitedaily.com/life/motivation/quotes-from-billionaire-mark-cuban/727103/?utm_content=bufferdb66a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer The big shot Mark Cuban like people who are hustling first! ( 5 billion) Great comments of Mark Cuban in Shark Tank The investor will say: WOW! when you can show results with: sales  company  […]

Make that sales call!

The most people are afraid of the phone, they just send a mail or send a whatsapp! Last week I get a whole business-proposal by whatsapp!!! The fool! I asked him let’s skype, so we can see each-other, he said NO! I told him you must by ugly and not so pretty as I am! […]

Stop thinking about sales, start doing sales!

To do is the best way to think!  A lot of people think to much and have a lack on doing. So especially with sales activities. People have mostly big plans, beautiful website, social-media, business-cards, leaflets, marketingplans, nice office and don’t make 1 call, 1 mail or 1 visit to a potential client. Because they […]