Become Master in Sales in 1 day!

What is a Master in Sales? I AM a master in sales! I will explain how you will become a master in sales. I know everything about sales. It doesn’t matter what kind of sales, you can ask me I can tell you how to sell it. I have good news for everybody who want to become a master in sales! I will travelling thru the US and give my seminar, training, workshop for a full day.

Me learning students how to sell themselves

With our company Tummax we get every week 30-50 companies who are looking for a financial structure and capital raise. My first questions is always: do you have sales? I get for 70% as an answer: “NO!”

Believe me, what kind of product, service or company you have an investor wants evidence of your success! When you cannot get 1 customer, you have to scratch your head and think: Can this be a success?

Mostly people are afraid to get NO

For that reason, they do not whatever it takes to get the new client! Did you try to sell it? Did you made the call? Did you go door to door? NO. And that’s so stupid, the most important thing is to get the sale. Customers who are going to use it!

Become a Master in Sales in 1 day!

I will be in the next towns:

Miami June 20


Curacao June 27


New York 4 July


Houston 11 July


Do you want to become master in sales?

ask me for the coming events in your country!

Book now!

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