Famous people who commit suicide get to much publicity and sympathy, wrong!

Famous people who commit suicide get to much publicity and sympathy, wrong!

In the Netherlands, two famous artists commit suicide. All you see is sympathy and understanding????? I don’t understand it at all! By example thousands people are risking their lifes in little boats from Syria to Greek to survive the war. Why should somebody in good health and finance commit suicide?

It’s a bad sign to people who are already weak, they will think when they commit suicide,  “why shouldn’t I not do it?” We have to protect the weaker people. To much publicity is almost a promotion to commit suicide, because everybody understand it and have sympathy for it ?! I’m not a specialist, but what I know is

How to be happy and stay happy:

1. you have to live for something!

2. reach out to it, that can be everything, from small things, to big things.

3. Set goals in your life, if you can’t reach them, it doesn’t matter, just go for it.

4. Make fun in your life, laugh everyday!

5. Just do it, even you have no money

6. Don’t be afraid to fail, just learn

7. make mistakes, you will learn

8. love you family, go on vacation, pay tax later or not :)

9. live where you like it, when you don’t like it, go somewhere else

10. be free! use momentum in your life :)


When can you see when people are depressed?

1. everything in their mind is black

2. they have no future and see no future

3. they can’t laugh anymore

4. they have been abandoned by a partner, divorce or death of a loved one

5. they have no targets in their life

6. no hope

7. no plans

8. no imagination to make new targets, goals or plans

9. they think to much

10. they stay at home, do nothing


What can you do for depressed people in your area?

talk about the ten points How to be happy and stay happy!

Communication, communication, communication!

Communication, communication, communication!

The communication tools of 2015:

1. cellphone

2. phone

3. whatsapp

4. e-mail

5. skype

6. linkedin

7. facebook

8. twitter

9. googleplus

10. instagram

Just 10 off the most popular communication tools!

What is communication?


communication-cartoon.png 1

Rules for the best communication:

1. missed call? Call back ASAP

2. use voicemail, when people are not answer

3. whatsapp, send asnwer back within 5 minutes

4. always send back an e-mail, don’t think about the answer, send a mail back asap!

5. missed skypecall? Call back ASAP

6. linkedin, give a reaction

7. use messenger, answer people always

8. let people know when the twitter something

9. link back with googleplus

10. like them

One big rule in communication:

There are no free hours, free days etc. That’s total nonsense!

You can always answer people within 1 hour, when you can’t stay out of business!




Egbert Hennen, positive mindset is the most important tool to sell more!

20150719_200249When you have a positive mindset, people will all-ways buy from you!

If you’re grumpy or negative, people never buy from you. They think this guy is not happy in what he is selling, so why should I buy something from him? He is not happy with it, so I will also never be happy with his stuff. That’s THE most important, BE HAPPY, when you’re selling, when people spending their money, the want to be happy, satisfied, because the buy something they like.





Always be smiling!, Always be smiling! When you have a smiling attitude, you have sold it already for 90%! 90%?! yes! Why?, because a smile is also trust, people will believe you. A criminal is mostly not smiling, because he knows, he is doing bad things. So when you walk in with a smile, people smile back to you. You will become friends. You talk about normal things and by the way you sell your self, business and product or service!

So easy!

Only the master in sales, will understand this.

Become a master in sales!

mail me now for a program egbert@egberthennen.com


Master in Sales VIP Curacao 5 days intensive max 4 persons ALL INCLUSIVE!

Egbert curacao villaegbert2015egbert bostonwhaler


The ultimate Master in Sales training, 5 days intensive with Egbert Hennen to become a master in sales!

What will you learn?

Sales, what is sales, how, when and new types of selling. Which knowledge has a master in sales about his client? I will learn you!

Whatever you sell, I can sell it, I can show you how to sell, I know all the obstacles why people don’t buy.  We have 5 days of intensive and relaxing ways to train you to the top of sales. After this 5 days you will sell more then you ever done before!


The 5 days is for maximum 4 people. You will stay in the beach villa of us and you will have your own oceanfront room.

4 people is the best way to get an intensive salestraining. We will discuss all your experience, all your obstacles and how to get more sales from new clients and existing clients.

Day 1 : arrival 

Picking you up from the airport

Getting to know eachother

What is your business?

How do you sell your business now?

everyday breakfast, lunch, dinner included

Day 2: Introduction Master in Sales program

The Top 5 in detail


cold calling

internet sales

Time for relaxing ( sun, beach, boat)

Day 3: One on one sessions


sales client role-play

including tapes to learn from eachother

Day 4: Examples how to sell as a master

Egbert will sell your business to each of you as a client

He will written for each of you a total program to close more sales

Day 5: Reversal

We will reverse everything we learned

Master in Sales Certificate personalised

Allinclusive package!

Price: $ 2,750.- for each person

Including flight to Curacao

Overnight in Luxury villa Oceanfront of the Master in Sales

Including healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks(no alcohol)

Egbert will get you from the airport

All inclusive package!

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Sales, a must be for every business

You can start a business, but the first thing you have to do is get a proof of concept of your company. The word: SALES

Sales, whole my life I’ve been in sales, for me it is normal, because, no sales, no business.

You can have a beautiful website, nice product or a good service, when you have no sales, you just have a hobby.

So try to sell your business, for money of course, not for free, that’s not selling.

I got this week a guy on the phone, he had 9000 users, free users, raised 1 million, (spend it all) and was looking for another 4 million. If we could raise that amount for him. I asked him: ” can you ask 50 dollar monthly from your users? “( more then 4 million in 1 year!) He told me, oh no, that would not possible, our concept is free, we want to become the new Google…. Ok sleep well.

I just want to tell you, you can better have 1000 users paying 50 dollar a month, then 9000 users for free!

Start selling your business from day 1!

egbert2015need more sales? egbert@egberthennen.com


Donald Trump will be the next president of the US, I can tell you why!

donald-trumpDonald Trump will be the next President of the US!

Because he is different, he is telling the truth, he don’t think first before he speaks. He is the real thing.

People don’t like politician. Mostly businessmen will never run for President, because it is hard working, dangerous, he could be killed and he is giving up his relaxed life with no opinions from everybody! So when big businessman like Donald Trump is running for President, while he is a billionaire, he can only have one reason to do it, for his country!

He is a salesman, people need to sell themselves, no stupid talks, but they need deals. Donald Trump is a deal maker, that’s what a country needs, making deals, getting jobs, everybody happy!

Donald Trump is going to make America great again!

Brand your business, sell for higher price

Brand your name, brand your business, brand your product or services

A lot of sales people are thinking people are surfing on the internet for the lowest prices!


Mercedes wouldn’t sell any car anymore!

Gucci wouldn’t sell any clothes anymore

Ray-ban wouldn’t sell any glasses anymore

Rolex wouldn’t sell any watches anymore! and you know what! Rolex sells the most watches in the whole world! That’s a brand!

Rolex-Daytona-RainbowSo start working on your brand!

As the company like Microsoft as a product like Windows!

I just took the most familiar. But you have to understand what I want to explain. People love to pay more! Even much more! 

When will people pay more?

1. a famous brand

2. high quality

3. guarantee

4. high services

5. different

6. stands for the product, you can buy a Rolex or a watch.

7. standard, you buy Luxaflex instead of curtains

So start branding from today!

Forget the FREE, Forget the DISCOUNT, HIGHER your standard. Sell your BRAND!

Egbert Hennen



Become Master in Sales now on Curacao!

Fly now to Curacao to become a Master in Sales. Egbert Hennen Master in Sales, will train you personally to become a master in sales.

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  • I will make you a master in sales!
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  • Yourself
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  • I have a proof of concept
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And more:

You will learn:
1. cold canvassing
2. door to door sales
3. coldcalling
4. B2B sales
5. selling by demonstrate
6. selling by skype
7. the best sales texts
8. direct closing
9. upselling
10. sell more then ever

And more: Be Quick and book a FREE sales call with Egbert before you book the Master in Sales on Curacao.

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Does sales make you happy?

Important question for yourself, does sales make you happy?

When the answer is no, you can’t start a business for yourself, because you always have to sell your business. Don’t think that customers immediately buy from you. Of course you will have easy way clients! But you have to learn from the no clients.

When the answer is yes, you only have to learn everyday, why could you not sell to several clients on this day. One of my tips is always, send me your sales story of the one you didn’t sell, I see immediately the mistakes. When you know what your mistakes are, you will never make the same mistakes again.

Then will sales make you happy!

Mail me your sales story: egbert@egberthennen.com


Don’t think, just do it!

Egbert curacao villaI did it all my life, never think to much, but just do it. 

By example you have seen a new villa, but you think the next things:

1. can I afford it?

2. but when my company is not running well, or when I sell less?

3. what will happen, if I can’t pay it?

4. But if the value goes down?

5. but when the interest of my mortgage will raise?

You see?! You will never buy this villa, because your personal chosen guide is FEAR. FEAR is the worst adviser in your life!

The best way is the do it, even when you can just afford it, you will get an enormous drive of it! You get again a momentum, You did it! That’s life, just do it!

I did it all my life as i told you!

Buy or rent the villa of your dreams now! Even if you can not afford it!

In 1995 (when I was young 32) I just started my new company www.frisselucht.nl and I sold in the first 6 months of my existence of the company for 5 million in air-conditioning, on my own!  I lived already in a very nice villa, but then I saw this villa http://www.funda.nl/koop/bergen-nh/huis-47199400-duinweg-10/ It was already for sale for 2 years. It is for sale now again!

I had a flyer of the villa on our dining table and I told my wife, this villa are we going to buy. The asking price was 1,1 million euros, I bought it for 800,000 euros. The bank gives me in that year very difficult a loan, but I get it. The next 2 years I boosted my company, but then we got a worse year because we couldn’t lease our products anymore. I had a big problem.

I sold it after 5 years for 1,700,000 million (profit of net 900k in 5 years!), found an investor for 50% of my company and the big problem was solved again. Do you understand what I mean? There will be always a momentum in your life, whatever it takes, just do it!

Live your life, nothing is Final!