A Master salesman likes people

First of all, I like to talk to people, I’m interested in people,  I like people, I’m curious, I always ask what they do for a living or where they come from, if they are happy etc. etc. Just the simple things in life. In sales it is always first see to know each-other, like each-other, have a nice conversation, laughing with them and by the way: Oh yeah, I’m active in capital raise and financial structuring.

In this natural way, people will ask you for information or help them with your service. Because they like you, mostly when people like you, the will trust you also. Trust is everything in these days. With Tummax we get every week 20-30 companies who are looking for a capital raise. We have to say “NO” a lot. Because we raise capital for companies and then sell the investment to our investor network. When we have bad investments, the next time they don’t want to see you anymore. So we have to sell two times, first to get the best clients for a capital raise, then sell the investment to the investors.

A master sells high quality

I only want to sell high quality companies, otherwise I can not sell it, I have to believe in it. Every investor knows that every investment is a risk. But when you have a good company, the best team, sales and a lot of progress, we can arrange it. Cashflow companies are the best companies to raise capital for, because investors, see their money back. With the investment, the cashflow will go up!

Be nice to everybody

I’m always nice to everybody. Not in a slimy way, just nice. You can not serve everybody. But when you tell it the people in a nice way, and give them some free advice.They will talk about you in a positive way. So at the end you win new customers and that’s what’s all about, getting new customers, keeping new customers!

Capital raise

So do you need a financial structure or a capital raise? You can always mail me, skype me or call me, don’t be afraid, I’m a nice guy!


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How do you recognize a bad salesman

A bad salesman, there are many many bad salespeople. How is that possible? You can say there are also bad doctors, but they have been to University, so they had a long way of education to become a doctor. And that’s the main difference between a bad salesman and a bad doctor. A lot of people just started in the sales, because they can talk so good with other people and didn’t learn anything about sales!

Add; Driver/ salesman what’s the focus?! to drive or to sell?

Selection/Training/sales-education The problem start with the companies who are hiring people, we need people for in the shop, we need people who can sell the product to customers. Oh yeah, he can also deliver the stuff immediately. In this way you create bad salespeople, there is no focus.

Recognize the bad salesguy:

  • Not interested in you
  • bad attitude
  • laughing with other salespeople
  • Can I help you?
  • What’s your budget?
  • I have good price for you!
  • arms crossed
  • leaning against something
  • doesn’t look you in the eyes
  • is not smiling
  • picks calculator for discount
  • is pushing
  • pointing his finger
  • don’t sell, thinks it is only the price
  • making fun off you
  • bad dressed
  • don’t ask you anything
  • has attributes as fobs
  • he knows already who you are! 
  • carries cheap crinkled jackets
  • is afraid of the dentist
  • runs on crepe soles or crocs (as long as he does it)
  • don’t really likes his job, but it pays the bills!

So when you’re meeting this kind of “salesman” just run away very fast, because it is not only the bad salesguy, but the company who is hiring cheap people! 

In Love and marriage with shoesalesman “Al Bundy” 

That’s what we have to do about bad salespeople, laugh about them!


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Salesmen have to set goals to score, every day!

Master sells always 

It start with the attitude and motivation of the master. Why does a master always sells? He knows exactly what motivates him, he prefers working with high commissions or is on his own, so he can go for his goals. That’s what’s important for the master, he likes beautiful cars, villas, holidays, watches, yachts and enjoying the good life to give his princess and children everything they desire. What they desire, he wants to buy it for them. That’s his motivation!

A new refrigerator….. 

I once ask a salesguy who works for one of my companies what motivates you? He was laughing and says to me, how do you mean? I asked him what would you really like to buy today when you got the money for it!? And there he told me: “a new refrigerator….. I laughed at him, as asked him really, is that your motivation? Don’t you have bigger goals in your life? He said to me: of course , but it will not be possible! I asked him did you see how many commission you can earn when you got really big sales! He laughed again and he told me that all the other salesman have better regions to sell, better leads, bigger clients, all what he does was complaining. I told him to go. He asked me why? Because you’re not learning from other people, you’re looking for excuses. Excuses never count in sales. You’re fired! 

A new car, make a test drive already!

That’s what a master in sales does, he makes already a test-drive in the car of his dreams, is visiting the villa he really wants to buy, just go for it, that’s called motivation. He is visualizing what he deserves after his hard working efforts.

Winner mentality

When you buy something it must be fun, because you’re spending the money you have worked hard for. The master knows that, he will make some fun with his clients, show them all possibilities about his product, when people asked about the price, he is always going back to the top 5. Because when people ask for the price, the can run away, or they can order. That’s why it is very important which price you tell them and when.

A master uses or buys his own product!

The master has so  much confidence in his company, that you use or buys his own product. This is so important. When you’re by example a Volvo salesman and you drive a Mercedes, you don’t understand what you’re selling. You try to sell people a Volvo, but you don’t believe in the car, because you drive a Mercedes. A master always uses his own product.

No 9-5 mentality

A master sells 24/7, he never stops. The master can sell his self very good. When you can sell yourself, you can sell everything! He sees always opportunities to sell his company. He don’t see his job as a 9-5 job, he sees that he can solve a lot of problems off people when they buy his product. That’s his vision, helping people.

Focus, focus, focus

A master has a focus and that’s getting more sales, he always want to sell more and more, that’s what motivates him. By example, he has a focus on where he is going, he has the vision that everybody will use at the end his product. The more people are buying form him the easier it gets, because he gets references from the new clients. That’s why he is focused on new sales. New sales bring new sales. He is expanding in this way.

Reference sales

I have always sold a lot on reference, when we delivered our product I visited them and asked them if they know 2-3 people who wants to buy also this product. Because I asked for 2-3 they get immediately thinking about 2-3 clients. When you ask, do you know somebody, they would say no. That’s make so much difference.

Asked the right questions and you will be served!

Every day a new day

A master starts his fresh day on zero. He forgets his sales of yesterday, what counts is today. Every day is a working day, he has to sell, when he don’t sell he don’t see it as work. He get disturbed, he needs sales. Because that’s what he likes.

He know where he wants to go, he has booked already his dream holiday and make a testdrive in his loved car. He loves progress, sales is progress. It is progress in everything, no sales, no administration, no sales, no company. Everything in every company is about sales.

Hire a sales master or become a sales master yourself

When you’re a founder of a company and you have no sales yet you have to sell, because that’s what keeps the company alive. A master just goes for it, he takes the phone and just start calling to the potential customer. Or he takes his car and goes business to business, door to door etcetc. The best proof of concept of a successful business is sales. Sales master is a profession, you can learn it, by using the tools I learn you.

A master loves his profession

It is not his profession, he is sales, he loves it, it is his mission, the mission to help all people with his product or service. People who don’t buy are really crazy, he don’t understand the people who are not buying from him. So he keeps on selling until he gets the yes. 










You’re as good as your last sale!

This is a part from my new book: Master in sales in 1 day!

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My experience with a bad salesman in kitchens


A master in sales is always laughing and positive, every moment!

When you’re a salesman by example in a kitchen store and a two customers, a man and a wife, visit you in the store.

What does a stupid salesman(title not worth) think?

  1. Oh, nice they want to look at some kitchens, I will give them some information, or even better a flyer?!
  2. They have no money, because they have an old car!
  3. They look poor
  4. We must have more kitchens, I can’t show them enough
  5. Oh, this week is the interest 3% higher for a loan!
  6. Shit, we don’t have actions now!
  7. I will ask for their budget, won’t be much!
  8. Here is the leaflet! I was before this job the postman!
  9. Pfft I don’t make a chance, the competition is better and cheaper!
  10. We are too expensive, I would never buy here!

You can see above the dramatic overview of the loser asshole salesman! Why I took the sample of a kitchen sales shop? Because I’ve been buying in my life at least 5 new kitchens, from 20 till 100.000 dollar.

We going to take the ride of the big failure question of a sad, bad salesman! We heard a lot about this kitchenstore, high quality, good service and a lot to choose. We walk in the store and we see a lot of kitchens, so while we are already in the shop about ten minutes, the salesguy says hello and ask us immediately:

“What are you looking for?”

I make always a little fun with salesguy with stupid questions and I told him with a smile:

“We are looking for a new car!”

He didn’t offer us coffee, he smiles a very little and then he ask us the next failure loser question, he doesn’t want to be friends with us! That’s for sure!

The loser question:

What is your budget?!

I was stunned, but the guy was waiting for an answer, otherwise he can’t help us of course, that’s what he was thinking!

I told him: “We have no budget!”

He gets irritated and he told us:

When I don’t know you budget, I can’t help you!!!!

Yes, people really happened! He was totally programmed on a budget, then he can make an offer. Also I think he was lazy, because he was afraid, when he makes the offer and the price will be 30,000 dollar, we will tell him that it is too expensive and then leave!

I told him: “ok, then we go to another shop!”

And he told us: “nobody can’t help you, when you don’t tell your budget! “

And we left the building. I was stunned. Think about it, a couple walk in your shop and tells you I want a kitchen and I have no budget! A master in Sales can listen very good, he know he can sell this couple something beautiful and the best kitchen you have, you have to sell your kitchens.

This guys has believes, only he has the wrong believes! Never ask a client for his budget. Sell him what he needs, sell him the best, when they tell you in the end, it is more than our budget! You tell them yes I know, but you like it this way! This is your choice, so you have to buy it! When your choose for something cheaper you will be grumpy for years, is that what you want? Money is to buy a beautiful kitchen and that’s what you did! Give him the pen tell him to sign and shot up!

They will sign on the line!

 The Master in Sales is:

  • Smile
  • Positive
  • Clean
  • Smell nice
  • Self confidence
  • Sell
  • Close
  • Action

This is a part out of my new book Master in Sales in 1 day!

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Top 5 of the new salesman

egbert2015I couldn’t imagine 20 years ago, that I would not visiting customers anymore! But nowadays it is just normal. We contact people by internet, we use our website or socialmedia for the leads and when things get serious we make a call or skype. I prefer skype, because the client can see me. It gives confidence to the customer, that you’re real. That’s important! You have to be yourself in business, authentic, otherwise you can’t sell your services or product.

Cold canvassing

Door to door (B2B) was my passion when I was young, I loved it. My passion was everyday to go to a business, people didn’t knew that I was visiting them. There is a name for it “cold canvass” . I loved the most the idea that people buy my product that day, and they never heard of me or my company. This was the best part of the sales. Convincing people of your product and sell them immediately. After that you pampered the client that he became one of your best references! I always visited my customers after we had installed the airconditioner and I asked them always, do you know 2 or 3 companies who would liked to have an airconditioner?

New sales method

Nowadays you are not going door to door, but you’re going to surf on the internet. What kind of clients are you looking for? How to get new clients on the internet?

  1. target your client, consumer, business, young people or old
  2. make contact with socialmedia, linkedin=b2b, facebook=b2c, twitter/instagram both
  3. do it a lot, you have to create a funnel of leads
  4. send a personal mail in what you offer when you get contact
  5. then call them to close them by the top 5!

You can also hire companies like www.huntflow.com they will arrange leads for you with your account or they provide you with new socialmedia accounts.



The top 5 of the new salesman:

  1. make a click on the phone, be friendly

  2. ask and listen what they have to tell

  3. make a decision for the client in what you have to offer

  4. be enthusiastic about your service or product, tell the price later

  5. Close, tell them what you are going to send and what your are expecting from them.

I’m a master in sales, I talk everyday with a lot of people who are searching for capital for their company. One of my first question is always: How many sales? You can have the most perfect reports and excel sheets. The best proof of concept is sales. If you need capital for your company be prepared! We can also assist you with building a salesteam.

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Start your own business! for free!


Start Your Own Business!

I have published my book ‘How to start your own business!’ a couple of years ago. It’s a great book and allows readers to get practical insights based on my real life experience. I’ve build a number of businesses from the ground up. Some of these businesses did great and I was able to sell them, others did not and went under. All these experiences I’ve shared in the first edition. Now it’s time for a second print, with updates on what has happened to me in life and business over the past couple of years.
And I want you to be part of this! We have connected through LinkedIn some time ago, and I’d like to take the opportunity to get you involved as well.
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How to get the WOW! sales factor


Hustle and grow first on your own before you try to get an investor in. It will be easy!


The big shot Mark Cuban like people who are hustling first! ( 5 billion)

Great comments of Mark Cuban in Shark Tank

The investor will say: WOW! when you can show results with:

  1. sales 
  2. company 
  3. people

So simple it is. Great businesses are simple and sell easy. When you have difficulties with selling try it in another way or use my TOP 5 in sales. What do you like a great business-plan or a start up company with sales/cashflow ?! Of course you choose the sales/cashflow company! 

Why do we get every week 20 businessplans without any sales??? come on….. for god sake, start your business and sell it first, sell it! 

When we get a company for raising capital and they are growing with sales, I am the first who is calling them and make an appointment. Because every investor prefers cashcow companies.

Advice from Mark Cuban to entrepreneurs GOFORIT!

The best proof of concept for every business=


Don’t know how to sell?

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Make that sales call!


The most people are afraid of the phone, they just send a mail or send a whatsapp! Last week I get a whole business-proposal by whatsapp!!! The fool! I asked him let’s skype, so we can see each-other, he said NO! I told him you must by ugly and not so pretty as I am! It is so important to use communication in a right way. When you don’t know people, just call or skype them first. You have to sell yourself first. Also when you buy or rent something like a house, you have to sell yourself, people need confidence!

Make fun when you make a call

You have to understand that most people get a lot of calls, the best phonecalls can achieve something. Don’t tell a story, be authentic, be real, be funny, not to funny, just that people don’t forget you. Then be to the point, tell them for what you call them, for an appointment, for a sale or what you can do for them. Just be straight. When you have your phone day, use this tools:

  1. to the point
  2. keep the conversation in your demand
  3. action to close

The best salesman go for no! Why? because they know, they will get their goals. Don’t stop after one no, you stop when you get the first YES, that will be your start! Learn from each call. It’s not difficult, just do it everyday and you will see, you double at least your revenues!


Every successful businessman has his goals, but that’s not enough! You have to set a deadline so you don’t get lazy! Rent the house bigger then you can pay now! Take a bigger car and go for it!

Egbert Hennen

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Stop thinking about sales, start doing sales!

To do is the best way to think! 

A lot of people think to much and have a lack on doing. So especially with sales activities. People have mostly big plans, beautiful website, social-media, business-cards, leaflets, marketingplans, nice office and don’t make 1 call, 1 mail or 1 visit to a potential client. Because they think, when everything is perfect, the client will standing in line to buy their product. WRONG!

Lining up clients

You can lining up clients by yourself! don’t wait when you’re totally finished with all details about your company! Just start selling immediately. You will know also which extra features or service people looking for, just by talking with them! The best market review is visiting, calling, mailing new clients. Just do it!


How getting new clients?

1. door to door  one of the best, cheapest and easiest way to get quick new clients, for every product or service. When you’re product is made for businesses, you go from business to business office of course! You will talk with all kind of people and you can by selling by the way, which kind of clients love your product. Just go selling!


2. cold call The beauty off cold calling is you can make a lot of calls in one day! Take Google or the yellowpages and start calling and sell your product. make minimum 100 calls, just do it, you get guaranteed new clients!

3. mailing and linkedin send mails to all your contacts, send them a short mail and ask them for an appointment, you want to see them to show them your product. Get also new relations with Linkedin, this is the best platform to get new clients. When they accept you, send them a short mail to get an appointment.

Masterinsales in 1 day!

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