Need more sales? Higher your standards!

rijtjes huisSatisfied people you know them, they know everything so good, they never take risks, they work all their live at one company, the owner get rich, he gets a pension of 500 dollar. They’re always talking about entrepreneurs who failed, but they never look at the success stories, because that’s to painful!

Oh you’re so satisfied with your little house, so nice, no worries, no risk, yes you are very save! But every month you got less sales! You make less money, you are maybe to lose your safe haven! Oh my God, your little tiny house on a auction! that would be terrible, there goes your safe haven!

When you’re afraid to lose your tiny house, you will lose it!

If you want more in live you have to higher your living standards, even it is almost not possible!, because that will give you the power to sell more. You have to focus on what you want, not want you have already. Because the real master in sales are not satisfied, they have always their goals, a villa at the ocean, a 120 ft yacht, a Rolls, you name it. I don’t know entrepreneurs who lived in a tiny house and get bankrupt, that will be stupid, when you get bankrupt, you must have lived in a villa, then you can look back and have fun! But when you go for it, you will win the game, always! If you don’t higher your standards, your competition will do it and you get nothing, because he gets all the sales!

IMG-20150408-WA0023egbert bostonwhaler

Stay focused, higher your standards, do it today!


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