Calling, mailing, visiting, posting, skyping, messaging, you have to do it all!

Most important in sales is massive Action!

When you are thinking and not making progress with your business, you have a huge problem. when you are going to think and think how to solve your problems, you keep thinking in problems.

Set your goals!

You have to set your goals, what do you want with your business?, how much do you need to reach your goals? Write it down on a list, mostly you think it will not be possible to reach extreme goals. You’re right, you will not reach them. That’s why it’s so important to set your goals, when you do 50% you will be happy. People without goals, go every day to their jobs and pay the bills, is that your goal?

Focus on your goals!

Focus every day on your goals, when you do that, you will see, you will reach your goals. The smaller your goals are, because you think you can’t reach them anyway. The worse it becomes for you!

Set you goals, Focus, Focus, Focus and take massive Action

Egbert Hennen


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