Communication, communication, communication!

Communication, communication, communication!

The communication tools of 2015:

1. cellphone

2. phone

3. whatsapp

4. e-mail

5. skype

6. linkedin

7. facebook

8. twitter

9. googleplus

10. instagram

Just 10 off the most popular communication tools!

What is communication?

communication-cartoon.png 1

Rules for the best communication:

1. missed call? Call back ASAP

2. use voicemail, when people are not answer

3. whatsapp, send asnwer back within 5 minutes

4. always send back an e-mail, don’t think about the answer, send a mail back asap!

5. missed skypecall? Call back ASAP

6. linkedin, give a reaction

7. use messenger, answer people always

8. let people know when the twitter something

9. link back with googleplus

10. like them

One big rule in communication:

There are no free hours, free days etc. That’s total nonsense!

You can always answer people within 1 hour, when you can’t stay out of business!




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