Don’t think, just do it!

Egbert curacao villaI did it all my life, never think to much, but just do it. 

By example you have seen a new villa, but you think the next things:

1. can I afford it?

2. but when my company is not running well, or when I sell less?

3. what will happen, if I can’t pay it?

4. But if the value goes down?

5. but when the interest of my mortgage will raise?

You see?! You will never buy this villa, because your personal chosen guide is FEAR. FEAR is the worst adviser in your life!

The best way is the do it, even when you can just afford it, you will get an enormous drive of it! You get again a momentum, You did it! That’s life, just do it!

I did it all my life as i told you!

Buy or rent the villa of your dreams now! Even if you can not afford it!

In 1995 (when I was young 32) I just started my new company and I sold in the first 6 months of my existence of the company for 5 million in air-conditioning, on my own!  I lived already in a very nice villa, but then I saw this villa It was already for sale for 2 years. It is for sale now again!

I had a flyer of the villa on our dining table and I told my wife, this villa are we going to buy. The asking price was 1,1 million euros, I bought it for 800,000 euros. The bank gives me in that year very difficult a loan, but I get it. The next 2 years I boosted my company, but then we got a worse year because we couldn’t lease our products anymore. I had a big problem.

I sold it after 5 years for 1,700,000 million (profit of net 900k in 5 years!), found an investor for 50% of my company and the big problem was solved again. Do you understand what I mean? There will be always a momentum in your life, whatever it takes, just do it!

Live your life, nothing is Final!


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