Fail everyday several times for years and you will become a winner for 100%

kfcColonel Harlan Sanders had only a recipe of  delicious chicken, he went door to door for years. Every-time people say “NO” to him. He slept in his car and just go on and on! See here the full story:

The most important thing is that you never give up. A master in sales knows that, he will get always his sales. A master in sales has the confidence. Why? because he knows the market and he calls a lot with new customers or visit them, he knows that he will always sell! Only every week and every day is different in sales. Also the sales doesn’t exist on 1 day or on 1 week. Learn form you mistakes, but keep doing. Master sales people know that, because it is all the numbers. You have always to believe in yourself and your business. When you don’t, you will lose. Losing is total different against failing, because when you don’t fail in sales, you do to little. Salespeople who tell me they never fail, are liars! Of course you fail in sales. There is competition, there are other good salespeople, you can be too late. You have to go for it. But when you have 100 calls a day or 20 visits a day, you will sell a lot, that’s the spirit of a master in sales.

Difference between fail and lose A salesguy who fails everyday is selling everyday, when you visit, or call, whatever! Just how you make your sales.  You will fail again and again.

A loser is a “salesguy”who is losing everyday, because he don’t try, he makes fake visits, he has always excuses why he will not make that sales call now. The product is not good enough, we need to have better service, I have done a research etc etc, excuses, excuses and no sales!  He has all excuses about the price, about the product, about the competition and he can tell you exactly the prices of the competition and the reason why people buy not from him. THAT’s a loser!

Become a master in failing? :)

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