How do you get experience in sales? To do it everyday!

A lot of people like school and think they can learn the sales profession in school or University. NOT!  no


You can get some basics, but you don’t learn how to handle the magic word: NO!

That’s the most difficult part in sales, people say no, when they say no, you have to sell it better and see to convince the client, that they buy from you. They will say everything to get rid of you:

1. we come back tomorrow! hahahaha

2. we have to think about it!

3. we have to discuss with the accountant

etc. etc.

All these challenges you will learn when you really are going in to the real sales, with real people. Professional sales people or the Master in Sales can handle all these traps and will close much more deals then the guy who don’t understand sales. The people who not understand sales, think it’s the customer, or the price, or the service, all excuses why they are not selling.

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