How do you recognize a bad salesman

A bad salesman, there are many many bad salespeople. How is that possible? You can say there are also bad doctors, but they have been to University, so they had a long way of education to become a doctor. And that’s the main difference between a bad salesman and a bad doctor. A lot of people just started in the sales, because they can talk so good with other people and didn’t learn anything about sales!

Add; Driver/ salesman what’s the focus?! to drive or to sell?

Selection/Training/sales-education The problem start with the companies who are hiring people, we need people for in the shop, we need people who can sell the product to customers. Oh yeah, he can also deliver the stuff immediately. In this way you create bad salespeople, there is no focus.

Recognize the bad salesguy:

  • Not interested in you
  • bad attitude
  • laughing with other salespeople
  • Can I help you?
  • What’s your budget?
  • I have good price for you!
  • arms crossed
  • leaning against something
  • doesn’t look you in the eyes
  • is not smiling
  • picks calculator for discount
  • is pushing
  • pointing his finger
  • don’t sell, thinks it is only the price
  • making fun off you
  • bad dressed
  • don’t ask you anything
  • has attributes as fobs
  • he knows already who you are! 
  • carries cheap crinkled jackets
  • is afraid of the dentist
  • runs on crepe soles or crocs (as long as he does it)
  • don’t really likes his job, but it pays the bills!

So when you’re meeting this kind of “salesman” just run away very fast, because it is not only the bad salesguy, but the company who is hiring cheap people! 

In Love and marriage with shoesalesman “Al Bundy” 

That’s what we have to do about bad salespeople, laugh about them!


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