How to get the WOW! sales factor


Hustle and grow first on your own before you try to get an investor in. It will be easy!

The big shot Mark Cuban like people who are hustling first! ( 5 billion)

Great comments of Mark Cuban in Shark Tank

The investor will say: WOW! when you can show results with:

  1. sales 
  2. company 
  3. people

So simple it is. Great businesses are simple and sell easy. When you have difficulties with selling try it in another way or use my TOP 5 in sales. What do you like a great business-plan or a start up company with sales/cashflow ?! Of course you choose the sales/cashflow company! 

Why do we get every week 20 businessplans without any sales??? come on….. for god sake, start your business and sell it first, sell it! 

When we get a company for raising capital and they are growing with sales, I am the first who is calling them and make an appointment. Because every investor prefers cashcow companies.

Advice from Mark Cuban to entrepreneurs GOFORIT!

The best proof of concept for every business=


Don’t know how to sell?

call me: skype: egbert.hennen

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