Egbert Hennen, positive mindset is the most important tool to sell more!

20150719_200249When you have a positive mindset, people will all-ways buy from you!

If you’re grumpy or negative, people never buy from you. They think this guy is not happy in what he is selling, so why should I buy something from him? He is not happy with it, so I will also never be happy with his stuff. That’s THE most important, BE HAPPY, when you’re selling, when people spending their money, the want to be happy, satisfied, because the buy something they like.





Always be smiling!, Always be smiling! When you have a smiling attitude, you have sold it already for 90%! 90%?! yes! Why?, because a smile is also trust, people will believe you. A criminal is mostly not smiling, because he knows, he is doing bad things. So when you walk in with a smile, people smile back to you. You will become friends. You talk about normal things and by the way you sell your self, business and product or service!

So easy!

Only the master in sales, will understand this.

Become a master in sales!

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