Sales, a must be for every business

You can start a business, but the first thing you have to do is get a proof of concept of your company. The word: SALES

Sales, whole my life I’ve been in sales, for me it is normal, because, no sales, no business.

You can have a beautiful website, nice product or a good service, when you have no sales, you just have a hobby.

So try to sell your business, for money of course, not for free, that’s not selling.

I got this week a guy on the phone, he had 9000 users, free users, raised 1 million, (spend it all) and was looking for another 4 million. If we could raise that amount for him. I asked him: ” can you ask 50 dollar monthly from your users? “( more then 4 million in 1 year!) He told me, oh no, that would not possible, our concept is free, we want to become the new Google…. Ok sleep well.

I just want to tell you, you can better have 1000 users paying 50 dollar a month, then 9000 users for free!

Start selling your business from day 1!

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