maurits champWhen you’re an athlete, you have to focus on your sport. You must train to win every game. It’s a process, just like building a business. You start as a sportman/woman a small business. But you have to manage and promote your small company and it has to become big. Egbert Hennen can be your sportpromotor, we arrange everything for you, from contracts, trainers, sponsors and events.

What can we do for you?:

  1. sponsor contract
  2. events
  3. trainers
  4. building your brand
  5. protecting your brand
  6. promotion
  7. management

At the moment I arrange the management and promotion of my son Maurits Hennen

Maurits is 19 year, Heavy weight Boxer

Focus 2015: Championship The Netherlands

Focus 2016: Championship Europe

Focus 2016; Olympic

More information, call or mail me.