What about sales?! Most important!

I post here some parts of my book “Master in Sales “

About the Master himself

Hi! I’m happy you’re reading my book! Because you know that’s time for you to become a better sales person, or even become a Master in Sales. I’m now 52 years old and I have been in sales from my 12th year. People say you’re a natural born seller, but that’s nonsense, because you came not out of your mother as a salesman and ask the people standing around your mother’s bed by coming out of your mother with the mother candy in hand:

“do you want to buy this?!”

Nice joke, but of course not. You must like sales, people who like to sell are people who have no attitude, they just sell. They don’t care if somebody say:


So what!  Next client, that’s a masters attitude, just go for it. Just as long you get a sale. That’s what’s all about. Sell yourself, sell your product, sell your company, just sell, sell, sell. Whole life is about sales. I knew that whole my life, that’s why I have been in business from my 18e year. Always got my own businesses. Better to get a penny from myself then 1 dollar from a boss. And what I sell, all profit is for me. I want to sell, because I want to make money. I want it all. I have my goals, always.

I started in the company off my dad and later start my own company. Just selling airconditioners and aircleaners for bars and restaurants. Door to door. I knock the door and give them the problem, make their problem bigger. Then I sold them my solution, they can save energy a lot, they get more customers, will be better for their employees and the will live longer, because all the dirt air in a bar or restaurant they will die minimal 10  years earlier than normal people. I wrote immediately an order, when they told me I have no money, I told them you will make money with this! A lot! You don’t have to pay cash, 99% of our clients take a lease contract. You get all service and everything is included, new filters, guarantee and every three years you get a new machine!

So every sales is on helping the people making money and solving problems, you must be  200% convinced, then you can sell it.

After I wrote the order, I ask them, can you sign here. Sometimes they told me they want to think about it. I told them then you’re not convinced!!! Oh yes I am, but I want to talk with my accountant! About what I asked them? About the decision.  I laughed a bit and I ask them, but this is your business, your accountant is only for the financials, you’re the boss! I think you want to discuss with him what’s  best cash or lease? Client: yes! Oh I say, that’s simple, you take the lease first and when your accountant wants to buy it cash you can do that every month in the first year interest free, I write it down here. Please sign here! 100% people signed the contract, because they don’t want to be a fool who not can make his own decisions!

So who is the Master in me? I am just a guy, I am 52 but feel myself as a guy, no grey hairs J I know that’s the best way to live, do what you like, be free and make a lot of money. Making a lot of money is important for yourself, driving a big fat car is better then go by train, have a boat, live at the ocean, buy everything for your wife, family, your kids, it gives so much pleasure1 when I make a lot of money, I can spend it very easy, i am an easy buyer. I made a test ride in a Porsche Cayenne, nice car, drive good. The sales guy told me, you have to try the Cayenne Turbo, is only 1000 dollars monthly more! I tried the Turbo and what do you think? Yes, I was sold. That’s sales to! don’t be arrogant, don’t judge people just ask and listen and sell, just sell!

A always

B be

C closing!

Been there, done it all. I have bought a lot of real estate portfolios of millions without any cash, just sold myself, that money was not the issue! And when I had the contracts, I sold it within  weeks for a big profit of millions. That’s the way, When you buy something expensive, you have to sell yourself, when you sell it you will be in the same role. It is all about selling. I always make the decision about houses, cars and yachts, to high, I just can pay them, but because I do this, I have to make money. When I keep myself in the comfort zone and rent or buy a cheap house I will get lazy! This is goal setting!

I set always my goals far too high!

Poverty is nothing, I’ve been there. I don’t like it, I hate it. I get grumpy with poverty. I have been in air-conditioning, real estate, franchise, capital raise, financial structures, sales training, coaching, wrote already 3 books, my first book was a bestseller, more than 500.000 books sold! It is sold in three languages Dutch, English and Spanish, Start your own Business!  Download for free:


This is my 4th book. Why I do this? To show the people that everything is possible, you don’t need money to start your company! You need sales and freedom, that’s the real happiness! My 2th book Be happy with to be! My 3th book is Natural born seller like Egbert Hennen!

Live where you want, become free!

I live now in the Caribbean, people asked me, but how are you going to make money? I laugh about that, in these days you can live everywhere, if you can sell yourself! You can build a professional website for 200 dollars, use active social media,  and start selling! Everybody can do that. The most people will not do that, because they have not enough confidence in themselves. That’s what I learn people in Master is Sales in 1 day!

I’m from the Netherlands and lived all my life in the Netherlands, between the years I’ve lived in Spain, I had a franchise for realtors over there. I’ve live in Bonaire when I was 30, I sold my first company and was the youngest pensionado on Bonaire. No taxes. You must understand you have in the Netherlands 60% and still people are afraid to move to a country with lower taxes. Till 2000 a lot was deductible from taxes, but after 2000 and especially 2008, everything gets terrible, the government off the Netherlands spends to many money on people who don’t want to work. The get free money and the entrepreneurs, has to pay taxes till almost 70%. When you get a big crises, and have to pay 70%, you have problem. I am a free guy so now I do it offshore and pay only for the things I buy or use, that’s the way!

Do you know what you really need?

A lot of money, and you will be happy the rest of your life!

Set your goals, don’t be afraid and go for it!

Become a Master in Sales!

I can tell you everything about sales

mail me: egbert@egberthennen.com

skype me: egbert.hennen


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