Without sales, You don’t have a business, You have a hobby!

I tell it the people everyday, get some sales. In my business at www.tummax.com I get everyday this kind of calls:

me: How much are you looking for?

client: 3 million

me: do have sales?

client: No, I first need money for my company

me: company? what is your company?

client: we sell software

me: do you have users?

client: no, I first need money to set up a sales team and spend on marketing

me: did you made 1 call to a possible client?

client; No! I told you so, we need money first

me: sorry, I can not help you with raising the capital, but I can get you the first client

client: no, we have to set up everything first

me: so you have not a company, you have a hobby at the moment?!

client: It started as a hobby

me: It’s still a hobby! Sorry, we only help companies!


Get the best proof of concept: SALES!


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