Famous people who commit suicide get to much publicity and sympathy, wrong!

Famous people who commit suicide get to much publicity and sympathy, wrong!

In the Netherlands, two famous artists commit suicide. All you see is sympathy and understanding????? I don’t understand it at all! By example thousands people are risking their lifes in little boats from Syria to Greek to survive the war. Why should somebody in good health and finance commit suicide?

It’s a bad sign to people who are already weak, they will think when they commit suicide,  “why shouldn’t I not do it?” We have to protect the weaker people. To much publicity is almost a promotion to commit suicide, because everybody understand it and have sympathy for it ?! I’m not a specialist, but what I know is

How to be happy and stay happy:

1. you have to live for something!

2. reach out to it, that can be everything, from small things, to big things.

3. Set goals in your life, if you can’t reach them, it doesn’t matter, just go for it.

4. Make fun in your life, laugh everyday!

5. Just do it, even you have no money

6. Don’t be afraid to fail, just learn

7. make mistakes, you will learn

8. love you family, go on vacation, pay tax later or not :)

9. live where you like it, when you don’t like it, go somewhere else

10. be free! use momentum in your life :)


When can you see when people are depressed?

1. everything in their mind is black

2. they have no future and see no future

3. they can’t laugh anymore

4. they have been abandoned by a partner, divorce or death of a loved one

5. they have no targets in their life

6. no hope

7. no plans

8. no imagination to make new targets, goals or plans

9. they think to much

10. they stay at home, do nothing


What can you do for depressed people in your area?

talk about the ten points How to be happy and stay happy!

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